daisy wan-yun hsiao

About Me

I am a Taiwan-born graphic and web designer trained in the UK since my early teens and moved to USA from August 2016. After graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA degree in Graphic Design and Chelsea College of Arts & Design with a MA degree in Graphic Design Communication, I have worked with few top brands in fashion and graphic industries including names such as Alexander McQueen, Vertu and TagWorldwide (Williams Lea Tag). I present my work in a clean, modern and somewhat masculine with influences from my diverse culture background. I believe with a combination of my oriental background and twenty plus years living in the western countries has given me a wide variety of culture exposure and led me with great creativity.

Freelance Digital / Graphic Designer @ Ecowaterless | Canada

I manage Ecowaterless' creative department; overseeing a small team from in-house and from abroad. Creative job contect includes website and wireframe design; popup shop booth/banner, flyer and shopping mall parking lot display design. I've also design the new company logo and brand guideline.

Freelance Graphic Designer @ Bears Nutrition | USA

This is a nutrition drink company for kids. I designed Bears Nutrition logo based on the drawing of their founder's son, Bear. The whole company concept came from the founder's parenting experience on seeing his son grow and I wanted to combine these two together showing how the company was formed.

Job content includes website, wireframe and newsletter design from the digital side; logo, brand guideline and the drink bottle design for the print side.

Freelance Digital / Graphic Designer @ Peace of Green | Hong Kong

Peace of Green is a rawsome food company. I was taking care of their company website design with e-Commerce shopping functionality; photo retouching and the company press page.

Freelance Digital Graphic Designer @ CSBio | USA

I was managing the creative department. Job content includes new company logo design; building new website with e-Commerce functionality. Creating the new website from scratch also includes photoshoot, photo retouching, website banner, promotional and social media materials.

I've also recreated all print materials such as business card, flyers, brochures and booth design for attending trade show; both in English and Chinese.

Creative Director @ 666Bet Asia Region | Taiwan

I'm specialised in both web and print design. Job content includes company website design in 3 languages (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese). Website promotional banners, mobile website banners, website maintenance and the creative department management.

Freelance Digital / Graphic Designer @ Meigae International Inc. | Taiwan

Job content company website design including some code editing and e-Commerce functionality.

Product photoshoot and photo retouching; website banner & promotion.

Also include print work such as company business card and promotional print banner.

Lead Digital / Graphic Designer @ Initial Rewards | UK

I'm specialised in both web and print design. Job content includes e-Commerce store and wireframe design; responsive design; coupon store design; HTML mailer; gamification; brochure / catalogue / invitation / flyer / merchandise items design and photography.

Freelance Graphic Designer @ Ministry of Sound | UK

Job content for MoS includes: Event poster, flyer and sticker design. CD cover design and typesetting.

Freelance Graphic Designer @ Tag Worldwide (Williams Lea Tag) | UK

My role in Tag Worldwide; also known as Williams Lea Tag Group includes magazine, brouchure, poster and banner layout design for few worldwide well-known companies such as H&M, Vertu, Jaguar and Intel.

Freelance Graphic Designer @ Connoisseur Magazine | UK

I created the magazine layout by using InDesign for Connisseur Magazine. Worked closely with editor to meet publishing deadline.

Graphic Designer / Studio Manager @ CL Design | UK

My role at CL Design includes e-Commerce store design; photography and photo retouching for product goes to online shop and maintain the e-Commerce backend. I was also the studio manager in the company to organised day to day schedules for every studio members and I've also organised the contact and product display at the London Fashion Week sale.

Freelance Web / Graphic Designer @ CoutureLab | UK

I was a feelance web and print designer at CoutureLab. Job content includes e-Commerce store design, store banners and HTML mailer design. I've also designed event invitation and promotion booklet.

Freelance Graphic Designer @ Diamond Touch Magazine | UK

I designed the magazine layout in InDesign with all content and images were given by client.

Internship @ Alexander McQueen | UK

Print design for the well-known fashion label. My role was to create new pattern by combining hand drawn pattern togehter with fabrics. Enable to create it, I need to make both hand drawing and fabric pattern into digital format by scanning them into design software and apply the fabric pattern into the hand drawn shape.

Freelance Project for Them London | UK

Them London found me from my BA Graphic Design graduation degree show. I've been offered the opportunity to create 5 portrait prints for their company directors. I created silhouette for each portrait, and each silhouette presented one colour then spray each silhouette in the relevant place to build the portrait follow by turning print to digital format.